The New ICU Rating System
by Mark Orr
created August 13, 2011; last updated July 24, 2014

This web site reached version 1.0 and took over completely from the old ICU rating system on August 24, 2012, after about a year spent in transition between the two systems. It's the culmination of a long-standing ambition and work that started in earnest in 2008.

Anyone (without logging in) can access the following information on this site:

These features are similar or better to what was offered by the old system, but when a current ICU member logs in to this site (using the same email and password as for the main site) the following new features become available:

  • The member is taken to their own home page which has:
    • rating changes from recent tournaments
    • top tournament gains and losses
    • top individual game gains and losses
    • graphs of historical ICU and FIDE ratings
  • Tournaments rating calculations are:
    • available as soon as their reports have been processed (without waiting for the next rating list)
    • presented in full detail for each player in an easy to understand layout

Other new features include:

  • Articles to explain how the ICU rating system works
  • A context sensitive Help button at the top of many pages
  • Tournament organisers may now load rating reports onto this site themselves (rather than emailing them to the rating officer)
  • The system checks each report, detects certain types of errors and provides editing facilities for their correction
  • Other errors, once discovered, can be corrected, tournaments rerated and rating lists republished no matter how long ago the error occurred

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