Importing Players into SwissPerfect
by Mark Orr
created September 20, 2012; last updated October 10, 2014

An alternative to manually entering ICU players into SwissPerfect is to import them from a file containing their ICU number, rating, club, DOB and name (with correct spelling). The process starts with loading the file into the program as follows:

  1. Log in to this site and goto Admin/Downloads (you need to be a tournament reporter to have access)
  2. Download the most recent ZIP archive file to your computer (see this article to help decide which version is most suitable)
  3. Extract the file DBF file for SwissPerfect from the archive
  4. Open SwissPerfect and create a new tournament staring with File/New...
  5. Cancel the invitation to add players manually and instead choose Options/Import Setup...
  6. Select the DBF file you earlier downloaded to your computer and click Open
  7. This will popup a dialog box which you should ensure is filled in exactly as in the diagram below, then click OK

Now you can search for players to add to the tournament.

  1. Go to Player/Import (accept the invitation to create an index if prompted)
  2. You should now see the dialog box below, click Find...
  3. Enter the name or ID or a player and click OK
  4. With the player selected, click Import
  5. Repeat for all the other players you want to add to the tournament

For players you can't find in the list, enter their details manually (with Player/Add New).

  • For domestic players (for whom we track an ICU rating) give their
    • DOB and
    • federation code (IRL if they're Irish)
  • For foreign guests (for whom we don't track an ICU rating) give their
    • FIDE rating (called Intl Rtg in SwissPerfect) and
    • federation code (see list of codes)

You may find some foreign guests in the Import Player list but if they are not current ICU members we don't want to track an ICU rating for them and anyway their FIDE rating will probably be more accurate than any old ICU rating they might have. In these cases, please make sure they have a FIDE rating and federation code but no ICU ID (a FIDE ID would be helpful but is not essential).

Every player has one letter prepended to the club field to indicate their subscription status. The meaning of the four possible letters are as follows:

  • L lifetime subscription
  • S subscribed this season
  • P subscribed the previous season
  • U unsubscribed this season or the last