How to Upload a ZIP Archive of SP Files
by Mark Orr
created May 20, 2012; last updated January 29, 2013

Ratings reports prepared with SwissPerfect (SP) are composed of more than one file. In order for reporters to create a new tournament report on this site from SP files it's necessary to:

  1. Identify the relevant files
  2. Store them in a ZIP archive
  3. Upload the ZIP archive

Identify the Relevant Files

You need exactly three SP files. Their names have extensions .TRN, .SCO and .INI and all share the same stem. For example:

  • Bunratty2012.trn
  • Bunratty2012.sco
  • Bunratty2012.ini (warning: sometimes Windows hides the .INI extension and all you see is the stem of the file name - see below)

If any of the file extensions are hidden in Windows Explorer (typically it will just the .INI extension) then, if you want to see them, go to Control Panel->Folder Options->View tab (Windows 7) and uncheck the option Hide extensions for known file types. Alternatively, if any file is missing an extension but it's type is listed as Configuration settings, then you know it's an .INI file.

Store the 3 Files in a ZIP Archive

Put the three files into a ZIP archive. Make sure the archive contains only those three files: any extra files or folders, even a folder containing the three files, is not going to work. You can call the ZIP file anything you like, but you might find it useful to give it the same stem as the SP files ( in the above example).

You could use an application like WinZip to accomplish this task, but with Windows Vista and above it isn't required. Just follow these instructions:

  1. Left click the first of the three SP files to select it.
  2. Hold down the Shift key and left click the last of the three SP files (now all three should be selected).
  3. Right click any of the three selected files and choose Send to->Compressed (zipped) folder.

Windows will create a new ZIP archive with the same stem and containing only the three SP files — which is exactly what you need.

Upload the ZIP Archive

  1. Login as a reporter.
  2. Go to Tournaments->New (from the navigation links at the top left)
  3. Choose SwissPerfect as the File format
  4. Fill in the start and end dates of the tournament
  5. Choose the ZIP archive you just created as the File to upload
  6. Click Upload