Live ICU Ratings
Player Live G Fed Club
Maze, Sebastien 2591 0 FRA Gonzaga
Kelly, Brian 2490 0 IRL
Lopez, Alex 2476 0 Cork
Thorarinsson, Pall 2440 0 ISL Gonzaga
Baburin, Alexander 2428 0 IRL Kilkenny
Collins, Sam E. 2425 0 Gonzaga
Valdes Escobar, Alvaro 2354 0 CHI Elm Mount
O'Donnell, Conor 2342 0 IRL Gonzaga
Jessel, Stephen 2337 0
Heidenfeld, Mark 2318 0 Kilkenny
Quinn, Mark 2313 0
Fitzsimons, David 2304 0 Elm Mount
Wall, Gavin 2290 0
Ryan, Joe 2281 0 Phibsboro
Brady, Stephen 2279 0 St. Benildus
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What ratings are these?
These are the latest available ratings for all current members. The official rating lists are snapshots of members' ratings at the time of their publication. This list presents a more up to date view between the publication months (September, January and May).
Who counts as a current member?
Membership is due in September at the start of each new season. However, for the purposes of this list, players who were members in the previous season will be counted as members in the new season up to the end of the calendar year. After December 31st, all players who have neglected to renew their subscription will disappear from this list when it next gets recalculated, but will reappear if they subsequently resubscribe.
When is the list recalculated?
Whenever any tournament is rated (for the first time or due to corrections) or whenever the lastest rating list is published or republished. Please be patient if you've just renewed your subscription and are not yet on the live list, you will be as soon as one of the above happens.
How live is "live"?
Don't expect the list to update as soon as you shake hands with your opponent! Several things need to happen first: the tournament has to finish, the controller has to prepare and submit a report and the rating officer has to check the report, fix any problems and rate the tournament. Ideally it should be a matter of a few hours from the end of the tournament but in practice it can take a day or two and sometimes longer. The people who run tournaments and work for the ICU are volunteers so please be patient.
What is in column G?
The number of games played since the last published rating list (May 2018). If it shows zero for a player, then that player should have the same live and last published ratings (assuming they have the latter - they might not if they weren't a member at the time the list was published).
How can I see player ICU IDs?
Check the show ICU ID option or hover your mouse over the player's name.