Name Date
MCU Division 1 Rounds 12-13 2017-04-30
Reykjavik Open 2017-04-27
Tom White Cup 2017-04-26
LCU O'Sullivan Cup Group B Round 9 2017-04-23
LCU O'Sullivan Cup Group A Round 9 2017-04-23
LCU O'Hanlon Cup Round 11 2017-04-23
LCU Heidenfeld Trophy Round 11 2017-04-23
LCU Ennis Shield Round 11 2017-04-23
LCU Bodley Cup Round 11 2017-04-23
LCU BEA Cup Round 11 2017-04-23
LCU Armstrong Cup Round 11 2017-04-23
Tralee Classic - Section D 2017-04-17
Tralee Classic - Section C 2017-04-17
Tralee Classic - Section B 2017-04-17
Tralee Classic - Section A 2017-04-17
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What tournaments are displayed here?
Tournaments whose reports have no issues and that have been rated or are ready for rating.
A tournament I played in recently is not listed. Why not?
The rating report for the tournament might not have be received yet, or it might have been received but have issues preventing the tournament being rated. Reporters are encouraged to submit as soon as possible after the tournament has finished but if a couple of weeks have gone by without the tournament appearing here, you may wish to contact the tournament organisers or the Rating Officer to find out what's happening.
How is a tournament's stage (rated, queued, ready) shown?
With a flag to the left of the table. If the tournament is rated (the most common stage) the flag is omitted, otherwise it will be either Ready (ready, but not yet queued, for rating) or Queued (queued for rating)
If I search for FIDE-rated tournaments, what will I get?
ICU-rated tournaments that have also been FIDE-rated and have been submitted to FIDE by the ICU. When these tournaments are displayed on this site, a link to the relevant page on the FIDE website is provided.
How can I save my search to the address bar?
Search results will update as soon as a menu is altered, a checkbox checked or a text field changed, however the web page address shown in the browser's address bar will remain the same. If you want to bookmark your search or be able to use the browser's Back button to return to it, click the Search button.