by Mark Orr
created November 09, 2012; last updated February 13, 2014

A list of recent changes to this web site.

2014-02-12 Redefinition of Latest Published Rating in Download Files

The latest published versions of the download files for tournament controllers used to be calculated from actual published ratings (which exist only for players who are members at the time lists are published). This had led, in at least one case, to an actively playing non-member having an out-of-date rating enabling them to enter tournaments for which their live rating would have been too high.

This problem does not affect the live versions of the download files but controllers may have good reasons to prefer the versions based on published ratings so, in order to resolve this issue, the concept of a player's latest published rating (for the purposes of these download files only) was redefined to be:

  • the member's actual published rating in the latest list, OR
  • what would have been the player's published rating had they been a member at the time the latest list was produced.

2014-01-26 Extra Information in Download Files

The download files for both SwissPerfect and SwissManager have had extra information about each player's subscription status added to the club field. The codes used are: L (lifetime subscription), S (subscribed this season), P (subscribed the previous season) and U (unsubscribed this or the last season).

2013-12-04 Live Ratings

Introduced a live ratings list. For details of how it works, click the Help button on that page.

2013-08-31 Changes to the Rating Algorithm

A small adjustment to the rating algorithm. See section Version 1.3 of this article for more details.

2013-06-05 Change to My Home

The maximum number of gains or losses in individual games displayed on the My Home page has been increased from 10 to 20.

2013-01-04 Database Synchronisation

It is now no longer necessary to wait a day before being able to log in to this site after making changes to existing login accounts on the main ICU site. See this article for more details.

2012-12-26 Changes to the Rating Algorithm

More minor improvements to the rating algorithm. All tournaments since September 2011 rerated and rating lists republished. See section Version 1.2 of this article for more details.

2012-12-09 Password resets and email verifications

Two common tasks for the webmaster are the resetting of forgotten passwords and the verification of new login accounts (if for some reason the user has not received and/or replied to the verification email). Both of these can now be done from this web site with simultaneous update of the main database as well as the ratings database. This eliminates the need for users to wait for overnight synchronisation of the two databases.

2012-11-24 CSV Downloads

It is now possible for logged in members to download the results of searches on the ICU Ratings page to a CSV file.

2012-11-21 Recent Tournament History

For reporters, the pop-up info-box for players (usually triggered by clicking on an ICU number) now has a list of recent tournaments (after September 2011) in addition to the list of older tournaments (before September 2011). The primary use is to help identify players when using the search and match pop-up window.

2012-11-16 Former ICU Players

A list of former ICU players has been added but is only available to reporters. These are players who became inactive sometime before 1999 and are not in the main players table. Occasionally these players come out of retirement and need to be resurrected with their old ID and rating. If you think you've found a match between a tournament player and an entry in this list, please contact the Rating Officer.

2012-11-09 Search Menus

Searches of ICU Ratings, Tournaments and others now update their results as soon as any input (menu, text box or checkbox) is changed but do so without altering the web page address. If you want to make the address update as well so it incorporates the search parameters (allowing you to bookmark the results or return to them with your browser's Back button) then click the Search button.

Note that, unlike menus and checkboxes, the value of a text box doesn't change (and therefore the results don't update) until the input loses focus. You can remove focus from a text box by hitting the TAB key or clicking anywhere outside the box. Hitting the RETURN key while a text box still has focus will cause both the results and the address to update, so has the same effect as clicking the Search button.

2012-09-18 Changes to the Rating Algorithm

Minor adjustment to the rating algorithm. All tournaments since September 2011 rerated and rating lists republished. See the section on Version 1.1 in this article for more details.